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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

What - Session content NSR Bodywork - Relaxation

Being relaxed can enable greater energy to be available to us to do things.

We explain that it is different for everyone, and that it has to be experienced to be known.

We can try and describe it but it really has to be felt.

Your stress levels can reduce dramatically after a Neutral Space relaxation session, which is on a couch, working on the complete body, head to toes.

This relaxation gives rise to improvements in all of the bodies systems, with a calmer breathing rhythm, improved mind focus.

You will leave relaxed, feeling recovered and reconnected.

You may be aware following a session that:

everything is easier,                                  You feel good about yourself

Rising confidence,                                        Feeling more independent

Clear focus and direction,                        empowered to take action You're more resourceful and creative

Enjoyment comes a lot easier in your life.


Neutral Space  Relaxation is  a set of head holds and gentle body rocking techniques that result in a very nurturing bodywork session.

Fully clothed on a couch.

It is extremely simple, and yet deeply profound.

The Client receives a relaxation session which, usually within 10 minutes has a similar effect of meditation or yoga, as a calming and restorative session. As a result of the gentle bodywork, holds and body rocking there is a greater clarity of mind, and the person seems to feel that they have a view of the ‘bigger picture’.

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Neutral -Space Relaxation®


Then this type of relaxation is just for you, working on a relaxation couch the practitioner can allow tension to fade away and leave you feeling relaxed and energised.  more

Do you know how much energy you use each hour when your whole body or just a part of it is in tension, … that is what leads to exhaustion. more

To book a session with a practitioner please contact by phone or email

See Practitioner List

Please confirm appointment time before paying, and make payment directly to the practitioner.

To book your single session, programme or course of sessions, first choose a practitioner in your area and email or phone using their contact details.

See what your selected practitioner is offering and discuss with them your options and suitable date and time.



What is my session going to be like?

How much does a session cost?

How do I book a course of sessions?

How do I pay online?

Will the session be right for me?

What can the Relaxation Sessions assist with?

What are the benefits?

Is the session right for stress conditions?

Is this suitable for anxiety?

A Simple yet profound restorative bodywork sequence, taught in the UK, Overseas, and Online.

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Relax ~ Recover ~ Reconnect

What is my session going to be like?

Allow 40 mins for the session, which will be using gentle touch making connections across and down the body, to the feet from the head and back up the body, it’s fully clothed, on a massage couch with a trained relaxation Practitioner.

How do I book a course of sessions?

Choose your individual practitioner and ask for their recommendation for a course of sessions. 3, 4, or 5 sessions in an agreed programme  of relaxation to regain your optimum health, once confirmed then payment can be made directly to the practitioner in advance of the initial session.

The number and frequency of the sessions will dependant on your current status of health.                 To Stress Less means to Relax More

How do I pay online?

Go to your chosen Practitioner and Just click the pay button ((( if available ))) and you can pay by fastpay really easily, the banking numbers are available after the clicking the through button.

If No button - please contact the Practitioner Directly  

How much does a session cost?

It varies up to £45, or in London up to £80 per hour.

Courses of sessions may be at a reduced rate at the discretion of the Practitioner. For example if booking 3 or more sessions then a discounted rate may apply.  

Please ask.

A programme of 5 sessions is our recommendation, check with the Practitioner.

How do I know if the sessions will be right for me?

Its best to experience the sessions for yourself as only you know how it feels for you. The main purpose for the session is to re-balance relax and rejuvenate and many do feel totally refreshed and renewed even after one session – some take more which is why we recommend a course of minimum of 5 especially if long term stresses have been a consideration.

What can the Relaxation Sessions assist with?

Insomnia                                         Recovery (General)

Anxiety                                            Panic attacks

Generally out of sorts                       Aches and pains

Headaches                                       PTSD

Back ache                                        Stress Related Conditions

Hip Ache                                          And more……

What are the benefits?

These are individually assessed by the recipient.

Can be a feeling of spaciousness of timelessness of peacefulness, totally refreshed

Aches and pains etc, gone .

Its all down to the recipient to convey the differences, and these are evaluated with feedback before and after the sessions.      More Benefits

Is the session suitable for Anxiety?

We have found in our experience that it is suitable to assist with Anxiety, we have worked with a number of clients who have been anxious and they have reported back to us that they are feeling much calmer, able to have more clarity, and interview and exams have been more easily worked with.