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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

   Relaxation ‘The Neutral Principle’ Seated Relaxation Session

o Do you wish you could enjoy being relaxed more?

o Do you wish to assist your friends or family by sharing an even simpler way to Relax than they could possibly imagine?

o Do you work with mindfulness already, and wish to build on the benefits?

If you wish to know more, then come along to one of our 3 hour open sharing of a seated relaxation session where we guide you to be able to gift a session to you friends  and family.

There will be no charge, it is our gift to you, sharing the principle of Neutral Space Relaxation®

We will be operating a ‘Gift Economy’ talk to Lyn or Graham to-day.

No Limit to the spaces available at each Day

Booking is not necessary - Check the ‘Diary’ for dates and times




Neutral Videos


Neutral Meditation

Relaxing pictures and music via video

Image of the Neutral Space Relaxcation EBook - The Neutral Way of Coping with Stress

The Neutral Way of  Coping with Stress

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to gain

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…have always looked and researched for simple solutions to how to live in a relaxed way, and we now share our expertise on relaxation around the World.

Assisting you to ‘Relax’

Meditation by Lyn Whiteman

For your enjoyment

Resources - Relaxation Taster Sessions

Neutral Space - NSR

Taster Sessions

Drop by and receive relaxation

‘Love your Health’

Poem - How long has it been? by Claire Adams

How Long has it been? …

A Phoenix risen from the ashes. 
Flames die, ash settles
Silence rises. 
Stillness descends. 


Author Claire Adams

Poem - How long has it been? by Claire Adams

Download pdf of the Poem

Buy The Book - Stress Less More Success and link to our Coaching Program Link Free Article - 'Relaxation in the Modern World' from Neutral Space Relaxation

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Enhancing and strengthening your

immune system

What you can do:

Complex PTSD

Useful information on Treatment and recovery

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‘simple solutions and resolutions’

TCCHE Conference 2021

TCCHE 2022 | OCT 7-9


Time to Breathe: for you

5 Qi Gong breathing exercise video for strengthening the Immune System