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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

About our Courses  

  available now for you…


Training : 1 Day Intro to Relaxation® Bodywork

The 1 day Intro to Neutral Space Relaxation bodywork, with Certificate of Attendance for CPD

 Training and guidance through our basic session

(Friends and Family use only)

Course Outline

Pre-requisite: None, anyone can attend + existing Holistic Practitioners

Sharing the process of gently working with the body to be able to balance itself naturally, through Neutral Space Relaxation® Bodywork Techniques. to enable the understanding of the Flow Sequence™ (designed by Lyn and Graham Whiteman).

Outcomes:  This will enable a student use the sequence on friends and family. Options to follow on to the course to become a Neutral Space Practitioner.




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Diary Dates

Our Relaxation curriculum, bodywork, exercises, great understandings as to the depth of ‘neutral space’,

Value “The content is life changing,” only you can price the results    

Comprehensive training – guidance and support

Additional Courses with Neutral Space:

4 Day - Neutral Principles Diploma - P T EPP Level

+ Case Studies (equiv. 20 Days overall including Intro Day)

The Study of Energy Medicine with Neutral Bodywork

Postural Energy Dynamics- Head to toe.

   (UKPTA Recognised Level of Training) Polarity Therapy

Anatomy and Physiology Course completion ~ Separate provider of your choice.

(to be completed prior to joining an RPP Course minimum of 50 hours training)

12 Day - Polarity RPP Diploma to include course work

+  case studies (24 Days ~ equiv. to RPP 62 Days overall to include A&P) Polarity Therapy - Training Guide

Course will cover Therapeutic Bodywork. Advanced Postural Energy Dynamics.

Health Building Diet, Polarity Yoga & Exercise and Polarity Awareness Communication with Practice management, Polarity Therapy Message Delivery.

In alignment with UKPTA - Training Programme

Introduction to Relaxation® Bodywork


Relaxation Practitioner Course


Relaxation Advanced Practitioner Course

Neutral Principle Diploma Course

EPP Level


Welcome to NSR Bodywork Courses for Health

The Relaxation Academy

The Academy offers to Business and Industry a wealth of experience in the field of relaxation.

Accredited Courses

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Accreditation Board for Holistic, Complementary, Alternative healers/Counsellors and Beauty Therapists & Training Providers

Accredited Courses

The International Polarity Education Alliance

The International Polarity Education Alliance offers a public listing of allied training's worldwide. Recognised Course

The UKPTA Polarity Therapy Association

Registered Polarity Therapy Schools and Trainers.

Recognised Courses

NSR Bodywork Courses for Health

Training   Course   Pictures

Sessions for Health Recovery

Training Practitioner Course:

To suit: Up level your skill Base.

Carers, Physical education & Yoga Teachers, Reflexologist's, Health & Well-being professionals, Fitness & Physio Trainers, and Massage Practitioners.

Training : 3 Day NS Relaxation® Practitioner

A Course for Neutral Space Relaxation® bodywork,

Course Outline and definitions

Pre-requisite: NSR Introduction Day

Teaching the process of gently working with the body to be able to balance itself naturally, through Neutral Space Relaxation® Flow Sequence™.

Giving guidance, support and training.

Course Information PDF to download

Training : 3 Day Core Relaxation Practitioner

As a Sports Coach or Personal Trainer, Physical Education Instructor, Sports Massage Practitioner - you may consider experiencing and/or adding this Neutral Space Relaxation® Core Relaxation bodywork knowledge to your existing training and work pattern. - Similar to NSR Practitioner Course but with more focus on Movement & Exercise.

Health Recovery and your own Business, take the Stress out of Management

Training Advanced Practitioner Course:

Training : 3 Day N S Relaxation® Advanced Practitioner

A  course for  Neutral Space Relaxation®

Click for more details on content

Course Outline, Pre-requisite: Completion of Intro-day and Practitioner Course

To increase the depth of knowledge (energy dynamics) for relaxation bodywork. Revealing the power of the principle.

NSR Advanced Course



Training : N S Relaxation® Facilitator

Neutral Space Relaxation® bodywork,

Course Outline and definitions

Pre-requisite: For

Introduction Day Trainer

Practitioner Course Trainer


For existing Holistic Practitioners and Facilitators / Trainers, contact us to discuss your opportunity to become a Neutral Space Facilitator.


See Training Options when you know you are ready to train in Energy Medicine Bodywork.

Relaxation Traininig Course by Neutral Space for Health Recovery
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