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Bridport. United Kingdom   

Phone: +44 (0)7780 705684

Email: info@Neutral-Space.co.uk

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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

Relaxing peaceful environment



"Gentle Touch that just does you good!! LA Devon 2022

Want to dissolve & feel how that can be?"

“A Very relaxing body enhancing process”

Would you like to live and work to the full extent and enjoy life?

Do you want a more efficient body and mind?

Would you like to improve performance at work through reduced stress?

Space to Relax, Time to relax

Space for Joy, Time for Joy

A space where we are free and not influenced by stress

Our approach will allow balance in your life.      Every individual is different .

“increases physical performance, and resolves overwhelming stress”

All these below may show up in your life because of this type of relaxation:


Neutral Space Relaxation® involves training the Neutral Way for altering the stressful  bombardment of the modern western work model.

We share solutions:


If you are experiencing stress or anxiety in your life, a NSR Relaxation Session is a possible solution.

In the means time, see what nature has to offer,

go for a walk, taking calming breaths as you go,

see what you feel as your walk unfolds.

Have break from the mundane watching of your TV,

read a book,

share time with supportive friends.

We do recommend choosing a series of 4 or 5 sessions

with your chosen NSR relaxation practitioner,

changing from a stressed life to a relaxed life can take a little while.

If you wish to be a supportive friend

or an NSR Practitioner

then click to go through to our Courses page or

contact us by email or phone.  +44(0)7780 705 684

Creative Relaxation Information - Hobbies

To even get near to doing a hobby, there has to be space, a Neutral Space Relaxation® session can help you achieve that space.

Showing Neutral Space Relaxation Session Neutral Space 'Creative' Relaxation The Star of Relaxation for Love Your Health

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