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The Cottage, Old Mill House, Mill Lane, Sidlesham.

PO20 7LX United Kingdom   

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D-U-N-S Number: " 217324582 "

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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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Following on from the Relaxation Introductory Day we have options for Practitioner Training to gift students the skills to be able to give to their clients the focus of pure relaxation from Neutral-Space, we have in place a 'Code of Ethics' for practitioners of N-SR

The course(s) is designed to allow all the students the confidence to focus their ability of Pure Relaxation, knowing how to give a session, where the client receives the maximum benefits possible.

Are you an existing therapist / practitioner of Holistic Therapies, or new to relaxation bodywork we have different courses with the same core content, one suited to new practitioners and one more suited to Existing Therapists.

IPHM Logo Relaxation Practitioner Course link for Students New to Relaxation

 Practitioner Training:

Neutral  Space  Relaxation®  Practitioner Course

 3 Day

More suited to those new to Holistic Practice

To read the student feedback comments.

“This is amazing work and is extremely easy on the Practitioner when delivering the session, and very calming for the client - smiles all round”.

See the Diary for courses or contact us by email or phone

Sports Trainers / Physical Education Instructors -

Core Relaxation, Bespoke study

Relaxation Training Course Information flyer Relaxation Practitioner Course link for Students New to Core Relaxation

 Practitioner Training:

 Neutral  Space  Relaxation®  Practitioner Course            With Core RelaxationExercises  3 Day

More suited to those new to Holistic Practice