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The Cottage, Old Mill House, Mill Lane, Sidlesham.

PO20 7LX United Kingdom   

Phone: +44 (0)1243 649079


D-U-N-S Number: " 217324582 "

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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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Course Option Page:

Training : N- Bodywork

Neutral Space Relaxation®Training:

½ Day Sharing the Neutral Principle

1 Day Intro to Neutral-Space Relaxation® bodywork,

3 Day Practitioner Training Course

3 Day Practitioner Training Course - Core Relaxation

1 Day Facilitator (Intro Day)

3 Day Advanced Practitioner Course

1 Day Facilitator Course (Practitioner Course)

4 Day Neutral Principles Course

IPHM Accredited Courses  - Pricing 2017


1 Day Introduction to N-S Relaxation.                £75 (take advantage of potential discounts)

3 Day Practitioner Course.                                  £450

3 Day Practitioner Course.                                  £450

With Core relaxation Exercises

3 Day Advanced Practitioner Course.               £450

1 Day Facilitator CourseIntro Day                     £150

(+ £50 x 2 - additional Intro Days)

1 Day Facilitator CoursePractitioner Course.   £150

(+ £200 x 2 - additional Practitioner Courses)

4 Day Neutral Principles Course.                        £POA

Special Relaxation Course - Bespoke Design to suit you and your business

2 /3 /4 days (Retreats)                                            £POA

Neutral Coaching - Creating a joy filled life that you may have always desired ...

Take advantage of our discount option fees below:

Here are some questions/answers that may assist with our discount options:

Q 1  If you have experienced Neutral Space Relaxation® and you already know that you want to be a N-SR Practitioner,

Is this you? CLICK Option A

Q 2 If you wish to know about Neutral Space Relaxation® in Depth to our Advanced Practitioner Level,

Is this you? CLICK Option B

Q 3 If you already are an holistic practitioner/therapist and trainer/facilitate and would like the option of becoming a Neutral Space Relaxation®Facilitator, adding to or making a thriving business from Training,

a) for The Neutral Space Introduction Day,

Is this you? CLICK Option C

b) for The Neutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Course,

Is this you? CLICK Option D

(Special consideration is taken on Existing Facilitator / Tutor Qualifications. Please Email / Phone - CV required).

Diary Dates


There are follow up days and further training courses available for all our students to take if they so choose. Including Facilitation – please send your CV if you are interested in training Neutral Space Relaxation®

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