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Our Vision for Neutral Space Relaxation®

…to relax, …to inspire, …to enjoy”

About Neutral Space Relaxation®

Designed and co-created by Lyn and Graham, the Relaxation work has evolved from a combination of their existing work, and many years of experience as bodywork Practitioners over 12 years. In 2007 the work became a totally new way of working for them, when they realised just how relaxing it is and how beneficial it can be to receive, and they formed the Company 'Neutral Space Relaxation®' in 2011 as an Education and Training Business, near Chichester, West Sussex.


How does it work?

Beginning with a simple sequence of bodywork techniques, these can be learned in a very flowing way, to enable the student to take this forward with friends and family, and after attending the Practitioner course, you will be able to readily use these techniques on your own clients, then more experience and techniques for the Advanced Practitioner courses. The Relaxation sessions are suitable for those who may be experiencing high stress levels, this Relaxation work assists in bringing about balance of the body and mind, similar to Mindfulness, allowing a feeling of calm and clarity to exist. Enabling clearer thinking, and better quality decision making.

Awareness (Body Mindfulness)

Neutral Space Relaxation®, enables Deep Relaxation to be experienced and known, through the Relaxation sessions, Intro Days and the Relaxation Pracationer Training Courses. Lyn and Graham and others within Neutral Space are creating awareness of the Relaxation and Mindfulness, through giving talks and courses.  The Relaxation involves gentle body rocking movements, and connections. The sessions are fully clothed, on a massage couch, and the sequence takes about 40 minutes.

Main focus is ‘simplicity’.

The main focus of the Neutral is simplicity, being easy to learn and easy to apply.    See website for further information, testimonials from happy Clients and Students, and our Practitioner listing on the website:

Who is it for?

Neutral Space Relaxation® techniques can be learned and experienced by practising Therapists and non-Therapists alike,however, the pre-requisite is to have attended one of our Intro Days prior to the Practitioner course.  This training is suitable for existing Therapists to add onto their skill-set,  i.e. : Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Nurses, Counsellors  Teachers, Head Teachers, Beauty Therapists, and Reiki Practitioners, and as CPD.

Further information

Details about Sessions, Training or Facilitation of courses can be found on the website, or can be discussed with us at any point. Any questions that you may have please do contact Lyn or Graham Whiteman through the website:

Neutral Space Relaxation®

Training is accredited by

The Relaxation Academy and IPHM


A Simple yet profound restorative bodywork sequence, taught in the UK, Overseas, and Online.


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A Simple yet profound restorative bodywork sequence, taught in the UK, Overseas, and Online.

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Neutral Space Relaxation®

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