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Is the course Accredited?

Yes, with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and The Relaxation Academy™, and this course is based on a course we have been running for over 4 years, and on over 12 years of experience with this relaxation work.

What do I do next if I wish to enrol?

Go to the   website, look at the diary page, select your preferred date, print off your booking form, and get in touch to pay your deposit to secure your place.

How many hours if I am taking this for CPD?

Total hours will be 3 day Practical course, @ 21 hours total,   adding in Practise sessions, and 5 x 3 Case studies with 5 Clients and reporting the results, i.e. 15 hours =   totalling a minimum of 36 hours.   Top up days and refresher days will be on offer, and a further day with more Theory, only   if required by the Qualified Relaxation Student/Practitioner.

 If you are in another sector not mentioned here and you feel it would be suitable for you please get in touch with us we will be only to happy to discuss your requirements.