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How to apply the techniques.

The training is how to understand varing levels of relaxation and how this is experienced and felt by the client, and how to achieve the deep relaxation giving best possible results for all the people who receive the relaxation bodywork techniques.

The combination of these techniques we call the Flow Sequence™, an easy to appy and very effective bodywork process for deep body and mind relaxation.

The bodywork comprises of a set of hand contacts / movements, working from the head area to the toes and returning, which establishs very quickly, a deep relaxing state, usually well within 10 mins of the commencment of the session, which is fully experienced by the client.

As a student you will be guided through all the sequences, on the front and back of the body, with step by step postioning for ther contacts and completing with the flowing rythmn of the sequence.

The session can be completed within 25-35 mins, easily, and there is very little  effort required by the Practitioner, just engagment with the process of Neutral Space Relaxation®.