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The Aims of the Course

On completion of this course you will be fully competent to work with a client and establish a deep state of relaxation which will benefit the client to alleviate high stress levels, tiredness and fatigue.

You will be ‘reminding’ the client of where their natural relaxation balance point is, and once this is known they will be able to recognise when they have drifted out of balance  and know how to return to life enjoyment more quickly, thereby giving the ‘client’ an understanding of where their balance point is.

This balance will also be obvious to the Student/Practitioner who attends this course as it is experiential at this level, and this means the student knows exactly how it feels for the client.

On a purely Self-development and CPD level this course will be assisting the Practitioner to develop a host of other life skills, which they can use and apply in many areas of their everyday lives in a very positive way.