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Is this You? OPTION A

o Do you wish you could add in a modality that was Effortless effort・whilst being extremely effective?

o Do you wish to offer your Clients an even simpler way to Relax than they could possibly imagine?

o Do you work with mindfulness already, and wish to build on the benefits?

o Do you wish to work smarter and not harder?

If you wish to become a Neutral Space Relaxation® Practitioner ... and can study the Introduction Day, the Practitioner Course Training with an 6 month period and know at the beginning this is what you wish to do then we can offer you a striking discount for signing up NOW...

Talk to Lyn or Graham to-day.

Then this course is for you?

Option A:

Become a Relaxation Practitioner

(4 Days) Discount Price / Fee

1 Day Introduction to relaxation.

3 Day Practitioner Course. Plus Case Studies

     £525 £450  (Saving £75)

As part of this offer you will be able to become an Neutral Space Affiliate for every student who completes a Practitioner Course as a contact from you.