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Is this You?  OPTION D

o Do you wish you could add in a modality that was Effortless effort・whilst being extremely effective?

o Do you wish to offer your Clients an even simpler way to Relax than they could possibly imagine?

o Do you work with mindfulness already, and wish to build on the benefits?

o Do you wish to work smarter and not harder?

If you wish to become a Neutral Space Facilitator for our Introduction Day and can study the Introduction Day, and the Practitioner and cover our Facilitator Training with an 12 month period and know at the beginning this is what you wish to do then we can offer you a striking discount for signing up NOW...

Talk to Lyn or Graham to-day.

Then this course is for you?

Option D

Facilitator of Relaxation Intro. (7 Days)

1 Day Introduction to relaxation.

3 Day Practitioner Course. Plus Case Studies

2 Additional Intro Days for Review

1 Day Facilitator Course –Intro Day

£785    £649 (Saving £136)

As part of this offer you will be able to become an Neutral Space Affiliate for every student who completes a Practitioner Course as a contact from Introduction Training Day.