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The Cottage, Old Mill House, Mill Lane, Sidlesham.

PO20 7LX United Kingdom   

Phone: +44 (0)1243 649079


D-U-N-S Number: " 217324582 "

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TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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****3 Day Practitioner

West Sussex

with Neutral Space (Core) Relaxation® Click for Information, Join us and enjoy the relaxation training.

Relaxation Traininig Course by Neutral Space Sessions for Health Recovery Health Recovery and your own Business


Practitioner Training for Working with your own Clients


Neutral Space Relaxation® Bodywork Sessions

Facilitation for your own Teaching Space with Neutral Space Relaxation®

A little about us: in 2007 the relaxation work became a totally new way of working. We realised just how beneficial and relaxing it is to receive this bodywork, and in 2011 formed the Company ‘Neutral Space Limited', our Education and Training Business, near Chichester, West Sussex.   Neutral Space Relaxation® Training is accredited by The Relaxation Academy and IPHM            more …   

Training with Neutral Space follows a pathway:

Introduction day - Simple Relaxation. Can be shared, friends and family.

Practitioner Course - For Professional Use

Adv. Practitioner Course - Deepening the understandings

Facilitator Training - For Training the Courses for which Neutral Space are recognised specialists.

Sports Trainers / Physical Education Instructors -

Core Relaxation, Bespoke study

Neutral Principles Study - Professional Study. Talk to us for information, insights and the opportunities available to you.

Course Information         Diary Dates

Your stress levels can reduce dramatically after a Neutral Space Relaxation® session, on a couch, working on the complete body, head to toes.

This relaxation gives rise to improvements in all of the body’s systems, with a calmer breathing rhythm, and improved mind focus.

Lowering of Anxiety symptoms and relieving Depression levels, we assist you to improve any stress related conditions, you will leave blissfully relaxed, feeling recovered and reconnected.

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Relaxation Training Courses from

Neutral Space Relaxation®

We facilitate Training Courses starting with our gentle introduction to bodywork, a day of sharing with other students this simple way of complete body relaxation.

Many continue on to our Relaxation Practitioner Course some as a career change, or additional modality to add to their practice, and some for the personal development aspects of this course. We also offer Advanced and Facilitator courses for those wishing to share this work as a Training Business in the field of Energy Bodywork Relaxation, offering Neutral Space Relaxation Training Courses.

We have OPTIONS for you if you know what level wish to achieve from our courses

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The Neutral Way of  Coping with Stress

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